The Hotel Bel-Air is a Pink Paradise on Earth

Check into the landmark hotel and experience world-class luxury

The famous swans of Hotel Bel-Air | Instagram by @hotelbelair
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Nights at the ballet, Cupid, relaxing harp music—you’re an incorrigible romantic and that’s why you chose the Hotel Bel-Air for a getaway with your most favorite person in the world.

You walk along the bridge that leads to the entrance of the Hotel Bel-Air and wave at the pair of swans, Athena and Hercules - their necks are curved into a heart.

Bougainvillea in bloom at Hotel Bel-Air
Bougainvillea in bloom at Hotel Bel-Air | Instagram by @hotelbelair

They welcome you to their home - a labyrinthine 12-acre paradise, a pink Eden hidden behind a wall of blooming bougainvillea, a place of ambrosial beauty, bucolic delight and bungalows the color of blushes.

Presidential Suite at Hotel Bel-Air
Presidential Suite | Photo courtesy of Hotel Bel-Air

You’re greeted by name by the receptionist, who guides you straight to your door. You’re staying in one of 103 suites, many of which boast fireplaces, canyon views and private outdoor spas (Oprah’s favorite, the Presidential Suite has its own private infinity pool). Inside your suite - still fresh from the hotel’s $100-million renovation - there's a personal note from the hotel manager, fresh fruit and a bottle of wine, to help you feel at home.

You use your in-room iPad to remotely operate your room’s temperature and lighting, put on one of the hotel robes and visit the bathroom where the intelligent toilet-bidet lifts its cover for you automatically, without you even needing to ask. While making use of its remarkable washer-dryer capabilities, you ponder the storied history of this exclusive hideaway, which opened in 1946.

Marilyn Monroe, "Here's to You" from "The Last Sitting"
Marilyn Monroe, "Here's to You" from "The Last Sitting" | Photo courtesy of Bert Stern Trust, Facebook

This is where Marilyn Monroe lived on and off for ten years, untroubled by the press. She posed in her suite for her last photoshoot, with Vogue photographer Bert Stern, six weeks before she died. Stern sprayed the suite with Chanel No.5 and ensured there was plenty of Dom Pérignon 1953 to make the star feel comfortable.

This is where three Beatles—Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison—stayed without any of them knowing the others were there. This is where Princess Grace of Monaco had a suite named after her because she visited so often.

Afternoon tea at Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air
Afternoon tea at Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air | Photo courtesy of Hotel Bel-Air, Facebook

You lay back on the Fili d'Oro 310 thread count Egyptian cotton bed linens, and pick up one of the three phones in your room to reserve a table for dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s on-site restaurant in the hotel garden. The wine cellar holds more than 2,000 bottles, and you’ve heard their afternoon tea is divine.

After dinner, you and your darling have tickets to the ballet at UCLA’s Royce Hall to see, you guessed it, “Swan Lake” — the hotel’s free Mercedes car service takes you there, along winding Sunset Boulevard.

Bar & Lounge at Hotel Bel-Air
Bar & Lounge | Photo courtesy of Hotel Bel-Air, Facebook

You return to your canyon paradise for a night cap by the grand piano. In the dimly lit Bar & Lounge, you gaze into your lover’s eyes, and think about Athena and Hercules. They mated for life, right here at the Hotel Bel-Air — maybe you will too.

Hotel Bel-Air
701 Stone Canyon Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90077
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