Made in Los Angeles: Artisan Goods from the City of Angels

Poketo store at The Line Hotel
Poketo store at The Line Hotel | Photo courtesy of Poketo

Cinematic entertainment is only one of the many wonderful gifts that Los Angeles shares with the world. Clean living, chocolate-as-art, and environmentally sound products are some of the other goods made in L.A. and globally adored. We’ve curated a list of ten of the finest establishments proudly representing one of the many choices of the things we love, made in Los Angeles.

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3515 Wilshire Blvd.
90010 Los Angeles , CA
912 S Barrington Ave
90049 Los Angeles , CA
3864 S Santa Fe Ave
90058 Los Angeles , CA
1121 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
90291 Venice , CA
6320 Yucca St.
90028 Los Angeles , CA
7909 Rosewood Ave
90048 Los Angeles , CA
4855 Fountain Ave
90029 Los Angeles , CA
131 S.Grand Avenue
90012 Los Angeles , CA
6824 Melrose Ave.
90038 Los Angeles , CA
130 West Bruno St.
90012 Los Angeles , CA