The Spiciest Dishes in Los Angeles

Tastes like burning

Batter's Box of a dozen fried chicken wings at Howlin' Ray's
Batter's Box of fried chicken wings at Howlin' Ray's | Photo by Joshua Lurie

Diners have different tolerance levels when it comes to spice. Whether it’s the mouth-numbing effect of Szechuan peppercorns, a ferocious habanero burn or the beads of sweat that will inevitably drip down your forehead as result of sinus-clearing hot wings, Los Angeles has it all. Discover L.A.’s most intimidating dishes, each uniquely intense, which complement dineL.A.’s Spiciest Restaurants story. Are you up to the capsaicin-fueled challenge?

Now that you're all fired up with these red-hot dishes, read on for our guide to the spiciest restaurants in Los Angeles. Can you take the heat?

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