The Top 5 Dishes in North Hollywood

Discover five globally inspired dishes in the heart of NoHo

Samke harra at Hayat's Kitchen
Samke harra at Hayat's Kitchen | Photo by Joshua Lurie

North Hollywood previously fell under the purview of Mission San Fernando Rey de España and became private farms after San Fernando Farm Homestead Association and Isaac Lankershim purchased the land. The area was rebranded as North Hollywood in 1927 in a marketing push to capitalize on rising Hollywood glamour. Since then, the city has become more residential. After the launch of the Red Line in 2000 and the opening of the connecting Orange Line in 2005, the city centered more on the NoHo Arts District, which has seen a restaurant boom. North Hollywood also houses L.A.’s unofficial second Thai Town near Wat Thai Temple, a community center for Thai-Americans. Discover five of North Hollywood’s best dishes across nearly six square miles.

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Joshua Lurie

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